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    Calling CSS and JS from a Native Blog Post




      We're running V7.0.3 on-prem now and moving to cloud (V8+) mid-year.  Our marketing group is asking to build a blog posting with a unique look & feel / branding for our top executive and wondering how to include CSS and JS into a native blog posting without the code being stripped out by the system.


      I've seen similar postings and answers but most refer to tiles and overall theming, but what we want to do is just "inside" the native blog content type.  So, three questions:


      * If I load css or JS scripts into the environment to be called, where do I upload them to?

      * Will the code I paste into the HTML editor correctly reference them or strip them out when it comes time to render the page?

      * Will the cloud native editor work similarly when we migrate to V8 cloud?


      When I say "HTML Editor, I'm referring to this:



      The area we're trying to modify and apply css styles to is highlighted below.



      Many thanks,