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    Why not include Status Updates in Content Types? from Mar 2014


      I asked this question in Mar 2014 and so far no one from Jive has addressed. One other user posted agreement.

      I am asking the question again in the hopes that Jive will respond.


      I think one of the most useful functions of a social networking platform is the Twitter-like functionality, in Jive, status updates. And it's good that Jive allows using tags and @mentions in them. But why not include updates in the list of types of content to create or find? (I can create from the new list, but not from Create side button). We want to encourage our execs to use them as internal company tweets to their followers, but we want to be sure that Jive isn't deprecating them.




      Notice status updates are not listed in these choices, and only some of the widgets allow including status updates in the feed. They're certainly more important and used than Ideas, in my experience.

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          Hi Hilde,


          Thanks for the updated post, for a little background, historically the Jive Training and Support Resources space has been used as a place where other members of the Jive Community (not necessarily a Jive employee) can post their thoughts and experiences on questions posted. However, we (Jive) noticed that many discussion were going unanswered (such as the one linked above) so are now trying to follow-up on newly created discussions if no community responses are provided within a few days. That being said, if you do post a discussion to this space and are not receiving an answer I would recommend submitting a support case to your secret customer group as a next step as these are assigned out and more actively monitored.


          Reviewing through your description, you are correct that the status update feature is not included as a content type such as docs, discussions, etc in many of the UI elements in the Jive platform. If this is a feature you are interested in seeing added to the platform I would suggest helping to vote up the idea found in the Ideas for Jive space, to help raise awareness of this feature with our product managers who review through top rated ideas when considering feature enhancements for future releases.