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    Issue with File Upload

    Dennis Pearce

      I know that in the past when users uploaded files, the title defaulted to the file name.  I know this because we were always harassing them to give their files more readable titles.


      Now I noticed that there is no longer a default title but that field is blank.  Unfortunately, that field is also required in order to publish but there is no indication on the screen or error message when the user tries to publish that they are missing that information.  The Publish button just stays blue and it looks to the user like it has no effect.  I've had several users complaining that it's not working because they haven't realized that they now need to supply a title.


      Also, maybe someone else can test this but I'm seeing problems now with dragging and dropping files into the upload form.  It seems to be iffy at best, although selecting by using the Winidows Explorer pop-up screen works fine.