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    2016.1 Wave 3: Node Issue - Year and Events Missing from Calendar Tab

      Our Jive-n Cloud instance was upgraded to 2016.1 Friday night, Feb 19. This appears to be a node issue, given that the bug appears only for some users. I do not experience the bug, nor do a handful of colleagues in our New York office, but a handful in our Columbus, OH office do experience it. They see YYYY instead of the year displayed on the calendar tab, and no events are listed, even though events are listed on the Events tab. We have tested this with multiple browsers.

      plass calendar bug.png

      This is what I see:

      plass calendar th.png


      Furthermore, I was on a call this morning with another user and we both were on the same landing page in a group, but she saw two broken HTML tiles while the same tiles rendered correctly for me at the exact same time. Sounds like a node issue.