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    Bulk Manage Content for Tagging... Weirdness


      Last week I thought I'd take advantage of the new Bulk Manage tool to add some Tags to existing content; 120 pieces of content to be exact. I have to say for the most part it was pretty easy, though knowing that your checks will persist from page to page was not intuitive. And when I fired off the update to add Tags it seems to go pretty smoothly, if not quickly.


      However, I did not know that it would "edit" those 120 items on my behalf to add those tags. And in editing them, it also forced me to follow all of them in my inbox. So, our home-page's "Recent Content" widget was flooded with these updates and now whenever anyone edits, comments or otherwise interacts with the content I get a inbox notifications. I think if I had known, I would have manually added the tags via the "Quick Tagging" feature, which doesn't force me to "Follow" or make it  "Recent".


      I have offered up Idea to help with this.