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    How To Call A Macro From Soy Template


      I've looked but can't find the answer.  Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      I've migrated a plugin to Jive8 that holds a macro.  I would like to use the equivalent of {dosomethingcrazy}do{dosomethingcrazy} within a Soy template.  How

      do I call the dosomethingcrazy macro from a Soy template?


      snippet of the java class implementing Macro

      public class DoSomethingCrazyMacro implements Macro {
        protected String buildTargetString(String do) {
             StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
             builder.append("    <div class=\"do\">do</div>");       
             builder.append("    <div class=\"something\">id</div>");
             builder.append("    <div id=\"crazy\"></div>");
             return builder.toString();



      <macro name="dosomethingcrazy" hasBody="true" class="com.foo.DoSomethingCrazyMacro" />