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    Video player issues continue (see related case)


      This case might relate to 2016.1 Wave 3 -Video Publish Error case 407968.


      Video Grab Screen not rendering after post production (iMovie, Final Cut Pro)

      I am seeing this error occurring in several groups when videos are uploaded.  The video is edited in the same way, the video is loading, sound is fine, however the preview grab screen is now rendering but a black screen is presented as below. I have noticed that if I do not edit the video in a video editing software like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, it will render a grab preview screen.  We need to edit our video to add bumpers, titles, etc.  Cameras used to shoot video is Canon 7D and Sony a7r. 



      video not rendering bumper or screen load.JPG



      Shared videos cannot be accessed by members of another group


      The issue: Video(s) is loaded into group A, and shared with group B.  We found that members in group A could view the video while members in group B could not access.  I do not have a screen shot.   We need to understand why this is happening.