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      Good afternoon,


      I am attempting to verify the process of creating support tickets for Bremer when needed.   However, I am missing the start a case link under my actions section when logged into Jive community.  The video showing explaining how to open a support ticket and this video is located at: https://jive.webex.com/jive/ldr.php?RCID=9139b7a38fa70c3bbf7bca54456076dc  - go to the 18min - 12sec marker on the video to see what I am describing.


      Thank you,

      or,  651.734.4426


      ~Josh Kirby / Bremer

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          Hey Josh,


          Thanks for filing this public discussion and bringing this to my attention. There seems to be some issue after an update last night to this community that should now be resolved. I personally had to clear my browser cache to resolve these issues.


          I am seeing the create a case option under the support group. You can go to the actions widget and create a case. A quick way to get there is Get Help>My Support Group.



          Ben Dukleth

          Technical Account Manager