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    Spurious links in content uploaded via API


      This is the only occurrence I have seen of this, but it seems quite odd.


      My source is:

      <h1>Mobile and iPhone<sup>®</sup> ICD-10 App</h1>

              <p>The AdvancedMD<sup>®</sup> Mobile ICD-10 app for  for iPad<sup>®</sup>, iPhone<sup>®</sup>, and iPod Touch<sup>®</sup> helps you prepare for the ICD-10 deadline by determining your practice’s level of readiness for the transition, and giving you access to tools to help you succeed.</p>


      And after being uploaded to Jive, it looks like this:

      and if I look at the HTML in Jive, I see no indication of links:

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          Hi Mike,


          Very interesting, from the screenshot of the HTML, I too would not expect to see these hyperlinked. For clarification, you mention this is only occurring through the API?


          If so, there might be a bug at play here. As such I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can assist with further investigations. When creating the case if you could include the following it should assist them:


          1. The specific API call you are making

          2. A link to where in your Jive instance you are seeing this behavior

          3. A copy, or link to where the original text you are using can be found