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    How to automatically update gauge tile with data from another site?

    Alex Nassi

      Ben Jones and I are working on setting up a new space in our Jive-n (cloud) community for and about our Support team. We currently have two tiles on one of our pages showing a variety of ratings and scores for our team. The two existing tiles are a Gauge tile and Document Viewer. The data is manually updated on a regular/recurring basis from one of our external systems.


      What we would like is to have the data automatically updated on these tiles so as to remove the manual steps where I have to edit the tiles.


      We have been looking around the Jive Developers space and are aware of an option that we could create a Custom View Tile, but would like to see if we can avoid starting from scratch by learning about the SDK, creating Add-Ons, etc.


      Has anyone created any type of automatic modifications to tiles and be willing to share how they did it? Or is our best option here to develop a custom tile which pulls the data via the API?