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    JWPlayer 7's jwplayer variable


      I am attempting to implement jwplayer 7 within our Jive 8 instance.  According to the 'Option 3: Self-Hosted Player' JWPlayer instructions, https://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/1406723-basic-video-embed , I need to make two calls.  One to get the jwplayer library and another to set the key.


      <script src="/themes/../jwplayer.js"></script>


      I continually get a 'jwplayer' undefined error on the second line. 


      I've tried to set jwplayer scope globally,



      I've tried to move all the code into a plugin.  Written a macro.  Etc... 


      Everytime I fail b/c jwplayer is not getting set.  When I take the same code and write a simple HTML file it works.  Does anyone have an idea or suggestion why I'm stuck on the 'jwplayer' global variable?