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    Support for UA Compliance

    Edman Perez

      Can Jive handle all possible domains and emails in a consistent manner?


      TLD:  Top level domain (microsoft.com, sunshine.florist, parks.us)

      SLD:  Second level domain (microsoft.com, sunshine.florist, parks.us)

      1. TLDs and SLDs can be up to 63 characters long each
      2. All parts can be internationalized (Unicode character set)



      Supporting Documents:



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          Hi Edman,


          Thanks for raising this question around the specialized TLDs and SLDs. Iit's my understanding that for Jive Cloud on 2016.1 (per the version your company is on) will allow email registration for domains as long as you've added them to the community domain list in the Jive Admin Console.  This is under People > Settings > Registration Settings.  Otherwise, are you encountering specific issues?



          Jeph Yang

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