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    Severity 1 - Activa Amtex


      Dear all,

      I talked this morning to Felix Rubio because we have several problems with Jive and he said he doesn´t work anymore with Jive and that we should create a case for Nathan Smith.


      Few days ago we started to have problems and all the administrators have lost the authonomy and control on administration of the site.  We cannot create spaces, we cannot enter the administration console, we cannot invite people nor give permissions, some files we cannot upload, etc.  Could you please help us ASAP?


      Best regards,

      Paula Moreno

      Mob. phone: +573205536025


      cc: GIan De Bernardi

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          Hi Paula,


          Sorry to hear you are seeing issues with your Jive instance. Reviewing through your description I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can assist with further investigations into your instance.