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    How to Delete "Old" Accounts



      I've just created a new account / profile and would like to delete two older profiles.


      Haven't been able to find a resource with instructions; help!

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          Corollary question......I'm unable to register for Jive World using the new account I created.

          I am unsure if this is due to my having three accounts.



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              Hi Michelle,


              For your account issue, are you referring to the Jive Community, or is this for your own environment?


              • For the Jive Community, please submit a support case or let me know here which accounts to delete and I'll be happy to disable it for you.
              • For a private Jive environment, please reach out to your community manager to have your account disabled or deleted.  If this is for a hosted/cloud environment, please submit a support case and we can do this for you.


              On the Jive World registration questions, please refer to Registration | JiveWorld  and post any questions to the JiveWorld16  group, as this is not currently managed by Jive Customer Support.


              I hope this helps. Let me know if you had any other questions.



              Jeph Yang

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                Libby Taylor

                Hi Michelle,

                You should be able to register regardless of how many JC accounts you have, you simply need to know your user name (firstlast) and your password. Be sure to fill out the top right section of the registration form (login and register) as shown below: