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    What is best to use for an events calendar in Jive?


      Hi, I have many users who are asking for events calendars in social groups and we have Jive Hosted 8.1 with no events calendar functionality out of the box. What works best with Jive in your experience, including Jive events calendar, Google Calendar, other options?

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          Billy Volpone

          While I know currently you're on hosted Shara, with events in mind, we are doing a TON of great updates around that content type for our cloud releases this year. Could be worth a look, but some are already leveraging events (with a calendar view, not a full shared calendar app) within their communities for user groups, conferences, meet-ups, webinars, etc. Our great friends over at PinkPetro actually have their events page showing now for you to take a peak. This is cloud and if you select "events" on the sub-tab, you can see how the new color coding for event types works:


          Space: Events | Pink Petro

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            Morning Shara!


            I just noticed this question and thought I'd throw in my $.02.


            We're currently on hosted 7 with no events module, but are moving up to the Cloud in a few weeks. With this move, we're going to be getting the events module (so excited!!!). As of now, we have an embedded Google calendar to list out all of our upcoming support webinars. This is a really small area in a widget that honestly doesn't get much use, but the option is there for you and it serves the same purpose


            With the Jive events calendar, I'm really excited to have a dedicated Events page that's going to list out everything that we have going on, from live meetings, marketing webinars, AMA events, and also those support webinars.


            Hope this helps.

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