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    What value does filter=modifiedDate(...,...) compare against?


      I have a filter setup as follows:




      I have an Idea with the following values:


      "lastActivityDate" : "2016-03-02T20:13:50.437+0000"

      "updated"             : "2016-03-02T20:15:28.895+0000",


      with filter=modificationDate(null,2016-03-02T20:08:14Z) I am returned the Idea above however, if I change the filter to


      filter=modificationDate(null,2016-03-02T20:09:14Z) (I've increased the filter by 1 minute) I no longer get any results yet but "updated" and "lastActivityDate" are greater than the time specified in the filter.


      Any ideas? the latest time that produces a result is 2016-03-02T20:08:56Z, if I change it to 2016-03-02T20:08:57Z I no longer get a hit.

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          Doing some more digging. it looks like both the 'updated' and 'lastActivityDate' are not consistent at all.


          Voting on an idea changes "lastActivityDate" however, "updated" does not update

          Changing categories changes "updated" but does not change "lastActivityDate"

          and filter=modificationDate doesn't use either "updated" or "lastActivityDate", it uses some other date that's not available through the REST API.


          What gives? How is someone supposed to sort or filter when there are 2 different activity variables that are arbitrarily updated and the real modified date is hidden?