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    Using the REST API to get the HTML without the result of render macros?


      I'm manipulating some content using the REST API. What I'm finding is that if I read in some content via the REST API it has the result of render macros in the HTML.. not the raw render macro reference.


      An example is having a Table of Contents (TOC) in a document. The raw HTML looks like;


      <p><img class="jive_macro jive_macro_toc" 
      jivemacro="toc" data-renderedposition="92_8_61_72" /></p>


      But when I retrieve it using the REST API I get the HTML that the render macro produces;




      <div class=\"toc\"><ul><li><ul><li>
      <a class=\"jive-link-anchor-small\" href=\"#jive_content_id_My_heading\">My heading.</a>


      Is there a way to switch this behaviour off?