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    Different reports?


      Hello! Would it be possible for us to have a report that shows monthly activity on one page?  So, show October, November, December, January, .... on one report so we can compare?  Maybe even have a chart with lines to show each month? Also, can the reports include the most popular pages and downloads for each month? Please let me know? Thanks! Tami Bentz

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          Hi Tami,

          The Community Manager Reports provide a variety of reports that you might find helpful. This document goes in more depth of each of the reports Analytics


          If you are looking for a report of your activity for several months, you might consider using the Engagement Index alternatively there is the daily activity report which shows views, likes, creates, etc. These reports and other can all be download into a CSV file.


          There is also a Places Activity (Analytics )reports which will provide the places with the most activity and you can sort by a customizable timeframe and download the csv as well.


          To access these reports or any others you can go to Community Manager section under your avatar drop-down:

          Community Manager Reports   Jive name.png


          The last report I want to mention is pertinent if  you are using a Hosted or Cloud environment; The Customer Community Monthly report is one that our Hosting team provides each month. This is a document you can find in your Private support group (https://community.jivesoftware.com/support.jspa)  under Content > Documents.  This report will show  details for Users, Page-views, and Performance.


          Hope this helps.