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    Any trick to make a list of Community Managers available ?




      Everyone (Top management, community managers and users) want to know who's the community manager of which community.

      I do not want to see myself updating an old school tablesheet


      Any idea or trick to satisfy their curiosity and save my time ?


      Thanks a lot



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          By using the Space Overview Widget, i know that along with a description of the space, it also lists all those who have admin rights in that particular space as links to their profile pages. Other than that, you may be looking at lots of tables from now on

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            I like Raul's suggestion, as it really is a best practice for place owners to make sure their community owners are known/listed in the place. Two other tidbits that might help:


            1) If place owners don't want to use up the real estate with a widget, the owners are also listed on the People tab within the place, on the left column.


            2) I've noticed that when you download the Places Activity report, you get many more columns of information, including a column for owners. Now that said, we only have groups, so I don't know if space owners would be listed as well, but I can only assume that they would be. Two potential caveats: In my experience with on prem internal instance, this list automatically truncated at 1,000 groups, so if you have more than that you won't see them all. Also, the original creator of the group was always on the list, even if they were not an admin anymore. That said, I don't know if these two caveats still hold true-- I am managing a new community that is in the cloud, so I'm not sure if it differs from on prem to cloud.