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    AGM Demo & Toolkit


      If you are going to JiveWorld 2016 (or not …) Bunchball wanted make sure you are prepared.  We have put together a toolkit of assets that we believe help you to get the most of JiveWorld and your AGM implementation.  These assets are intended to help you inspire meaningful employee engagement and collaboration.  You can get the toolkit here: http://www.bunchball.com/jiveworld16.  It is a lot easier than lugging it around with you during the show!  You need room for the tchotchkes.


      Want to make sure you get a demo of the new functionality in AGM?  Sign up here http://www.bunchball.com/agmdemo to get a personal tour of the new functionality.  This way we can ensure that you get all your questions answered.  Not going to be at JiveWorld?  No worries, we can set something up for you after the event.