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    What is the Best way of Migrating Themes,Plugins from Stage to Production


      Hi Team,


      We have one Hosted Community Having Stage and Production Environments.When we made some changes in themes(Ex: added some text in theme/soy/nav/satelliteNav.soy) what is the best way of replicating the same thing in production.

      One approach we know is taking zip file from stage and upload it to the Production.What is the best approach other than this.Provide some usefull documentation that would really helpfull.


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          John Schwiller

          I think it depends on how good your change control is, the magnitude of the changes, and how many coders you have working at the same time and their ability to follow whatever process you put in place.


          I've certainly done small manual changes directly line by line in the template on Production - but always recorded a change log in the template with who made the change, the date, what was changed. For example (here two coders [JDNS - me & AC] worked on the changes):



          * Change History

          * ID   Date     Change

          * AC   15/10/13 Use xxx.jiveURL for login and create-account.

          * JDNS 18/10/13 Change create-account to RegisterOnly. 

          * JDNS 20/10/13 Space after login.

          * JDNS 21/10/13 Welcome, Guest, Login & Register using i18n.



          If this process is followed then you ought to be able to see if someone made a change to Staging which was not transferred later to PROD. you could even use a version number for the template in the change log.


          Then if there are too many changes to make, or you want to be sure that the PROD template is identical to the Staging template you could paste the whole template code from Staging to PROD. You might choose to do that 'whole paste' weekly, or when you worry that you made a number of changes and forgot to port one or more across to PROD.


          Then as you say, you can replace the whole zip.

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