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    Comparing Jive vs LinkedIn engagement


      Hello everybody,


      I am wondering if someone has come across the same question before.

      We are trying to compare apples to apples of Jive engagement rates vs LinkedIn engagement rates. 


      Jive engagement is measured in much more detailed manner than LinkedIn.  As per CMR reports one can see Registered, Participating, Active and Contributing users.  Description can be found, for example, here: Member Adoption and Participation Ladder(s)


      LinkedIn measures engagement by counting group/community followers, and then measuring by specific post - views, likes and comments.


      Moreover, as I understand, Jive measurements are significantly more conservative.  For example, a participating user is counted as participating, when he/she does _at least_ one interaction with the content during past 30 days (if he/she did 10 interactions, still will be counted as one participating user), while LinkedIn measures each interaction, so user, who did 10 interactions with the content over the course of 30 days, will be counted as 10, as compared to 1 in Jive.


      Is there a way to simplify Jive engagement numbers and measure engagement as:

      engagement for the period = (total likes + comments + shares for the period)/community followers or

      engagement for the period = (total likes + comments + shares for the period)/total views for the period


      Thank you for any hints!