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    Idea voting and recent content widget


      After last Jive-x release I have noticed that when someone votes an idea then this idea rises on top in recent content widget as in recent activity widget. Is this something what was planned to happen?


      In our case this causes confusion because it seems that someone has commented the idea, but when you click the idea there is nothing new. So for users it seems that this is raised on top of the list for no reason.


      I hope that this is a bug and will be fixed in today's maintenance release?

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          Hi Teemu,

          When an idea is voted up, it should be updated in the recent content widget and activity tile. Although the Recent Content widget is not as clear on what actions were taken, the Recent Activity tile provides details to let users know it was voted on, similar to my example below:


          Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.24.56 PM.png


          Hope this helps.

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            Hi John,


            Thanks for the answer. Just to be clear, was this changed for 2016.1? Because earlier this was not happening? Now our landing page recent content widget is fulfilled with ideas because of this. Our voting is anonymous so basically this information is useless.


            We want to show in our feeds when users create new content (any type) and when someone comments or answers. But when voting has given same powers then it makes these feeds to look "not so good".

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                I have reviewed older versions of Jive and the intention has been that by up-voting an idea will cause it to move to the top of the Recent Content widget. However there appeared to be issues which prevented this from occurring.


                Since this is not the preferred behavior, I will take your feedback to our Products team to consider for future releases.