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    AGM Health Check @ JiveWorld 2016


      Are you an AGM customer headed to JiveWorld this year?  If so, this year we will be offering free "AGM Health Checks" with our heads of Digital Engagement and Analytics.  In each one-hour session, you will have the opportunity to review your Community Engagement challenges, ideate with seasoned gamification pros who have seen it all -- our team has handled literally thousands of enterprise gamification deployments.  Come away with new perspective and tangible recommendations that can be applied to your Jive community. 


      To take advantage of this LIMITED opportunity (only 12 one-hour sessions will be held at Jive) you can sign up here: : http://www.bunchball.com/agmhealthcheck 


      Can't make it to JiveWorld?  Don't worry - we will offer a limited number of remote sessions after JiveWorld as well.  To be put on the list, sign up with the above link.