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    Provide access to Informatica org on Jive




      Can you please remove Informatica org access for Neeha’s account  (nreddy@informatica.com) on Jive (Please ensure that you do not delete her account).


      And also can you please provide Jyoti (jdewan@informatica.com)and myself (sg@informatica.com) the same access that was given to Neeha’s account.


      Let us know if you need any further information.



      Sonia Gopal

        • Re: Provide access to Informatica org on Jive

          Hi Sonia,


          Thanks for submitting this request to modify user access.  Since these are specific changes you're requesting,  please submit a support case in your private customer group in the June Community. Please also clarify if you're requesting this for Jive Community access, or for something else.



          Jeph Yang