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    Naming conventions and privacy settings for groups in large communities?

    Sandra Flanagan

      I'd be really interested to hear about the naming conventions people are using to manage groups in their Jive communities. I work for a large state agency, with over 3000 employees. We've recently gone live with Jive as our new intranet platform and another state agency has also recently gone live. As it turns out, spaces are not visible across the two agencies, but groups are. We don't want our users to get confused by all the different groups within the two agencies, so we'd like to adhere to best practices.


      So far, in terms of strategies, here are a few ideas I have:


      • Currently, all groups end with the name of their regional/area office in parenthesis. In the future, we'll most likely have to start the name of each group with the name of the agency to differentiate between the two.


      • We've been using some abbreviations so the names aren't too long. But if we need to abbreviate we've generally been tagging the group with its full name so it's easily searchable.


      • It might make sense to limit the number of groups visible in search results by having more secret groups. As far as I know, the only difference between private and secret groups is that secret groups aren't visible in a search. Is this correct?


      It would be great to hear from some other community managers, as I'd really appreciate any feedback, insight, or success stories you may have.