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    Same problem has existed for 2 weeks now


      I reached out to PDTV help 2 weeks ago and again a week ago, I called as well both times and first time spoke to a woman that said she would try to expedite our issue and send directly to one of the engineers. The second time I spoke to John at PDTV and he wrote down 2 of the tasks we are specifically having issues with to assist the engineers in finding the issue. The problem still exists which is approximately 10 tasks that when you go into them the error message "you do not have permission to view this resource" pops up. You cannot write any notes in these tasks only subtasks, some of our employees can see these tasks and others cannot but the ones that do see this task receive that error message. We use PDTV on a daily basis very heavily and wonder if we should be upgrading to Pro. Please advise.