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    Partner community: Spaces or Groups?


      im looking for input on this: If you've setup a partner community, do you utilize Groups or Spaces? 


      I See that here on the JC, partners are given spaces but I could also see the rationale for giving them groups.


      Anyone have any insights on one ca the other?

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          I believe you will need to use a combination of both. For an externally facing presence, you will want to use spaces because they are far more flexible with regards to security and configuration.  However, groups work well for private, internally facing activity where you need some specific level of control over the selected audience and content presented. It's also very easy to transfer full control of a group to a single user, or group of users. You will find that partners may also ask for spaces that they can use to support their own customers, and Jive is perfect for that scenario. 


          We use this basic model for each new partner I setup:


          External - Public Space

          Internal Partner to Supplier - Private Group

          Internal Partner to Customer - Private Group

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              We don't have partner access yet, but for our customers we have a number of public spaces to meet their needs.  We too use private groups for development teams, beta customers etc. in order to support those private collaboration needs.  Customers quickly get an understanding of the differences.




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                This is helpful, thanks.  So for every partner you have 3  workspaces--A public space and 2 groups? 


                I think my use of the space is for a Partner to collaborate publicly with a customer and we want to keep that collaboration open and public. I've restricted the creation of groups for now because I don't want "group sprawl" to happen.

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                    And partners love that we can setup private groups for their supplier interfacing and customer interactions.


                    You cannot extend access to create groups to others as this creates alot of inconsistencies once folks figure out how easy it is to create one.  People will create groups to share a file with someone else.  Becomes tough to manage.


                    Speaking of manage, as you create the private gorups, you will most likely need to designate someone in charge of the group, unless you want to manage these yourself.  I find that ends up happening alot of the time anyway.

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