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    ON-Brand at JiveWorld16

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      Welcome to ON-Brand. We are a partner to organizations, supporting them to develop and deliver solutions that fuse organizational culture and business strategy together. By engaging and empowering their people, ON-Brand creates energy and momentum to release new potential and achieve higher performance.


      In fact, the parallels between ‘Jive’ and ‘ON-Brand’ are striking. We both aim to transform organizations’ ability to create connection, collaboration, and innovation amongst their people. 


      In our world, ON-Brand and Jive work like ‘hand and glove’. 

      Jive is the ‘technology system’ to ‘work together better’.   ON-Brand is the ‘behavioral system’ to ‘keep getting better’. 


      By integrating Jive functionality with ON-Brand methodologies, we are able to configure programs and solutions that fundamentally change the way organizations build collaborative cultures.



      We transform and create cultures to support the implementation of strategy and empower higher performance. We get their people and partners aligned and engaged with their purpose and ambitions.



      Our clients usually engage us as partners when embarking upon:ON-Brand is a philosophy and a system that creates energy and momentum around the organisations strategic focus.

      -large scale transformation,

      -innovation strategies, and-operational excellence,

      -digital transformation


      For any of these agendas to work and be sustained, you must get the culture ’right’.


      Cultures that enable transformation and innovation and continuous improvement tend to have key attributes: a deep focus on the customer experience, real sense of purpose, great collaboration, change agility and the curiosity to be open to new thinking and ideas. 


      ON-Brand partners provides organisations with the guidance, knowledge, skills, methodologies, tools and resources they need to transform themselves and to build the culture they need to change, perform and improve. 


      And unlike most consultancies, our focus is on equipping the organisation to do this work for themselves – yet have easy access to all the support they need.



      Our approach enables organizations to establish and embed improved team meeting routines, leadership communication practices and staff behaviors.


      ON-Brand’s power comes through conversations that transform thinking. In effect ON-Brand shapes a different conversation throughout the organization, one that is led by leaders with their teams and amongst the peers.


      From the very top, into all parts of the organization. These conversations are baked into the regular cadence of team meetings and leader forums.


      The structure and designs of the conversations are based upon principles from a number of human behavior fields such as positive psychology, neuroscience, business narrative and change management.


      The right conversations are proven to change mindsets, which in turn create different patterns of behavior that are aligned to the goals and purpose of the organization. 


      Find out more about ON-Brand at JiveWorld16 from the CEO Paul Stewart at Conversations For Good - Building Better Partnerships | JiveWorld Session