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    Get the original image binary data via API


      Hi Jive Support,


      I'm writing against the API to upload local corporate images from our directory of images to Jive via the API.  I have the upload and linking of these images working without issue (although you should check to upgrade your server so it support HTTP/1.1 100 Continue... I had to force curl to not use the mechanism with your server).  The problem I am finding is when I attempt to compare the list of images with the original image we have in our directory, the images seems too have been transformed and the original is not returned.  Because of this, I have no way of knowing if the image in our corporate directory has been uploaded or not. 


      Is there anyway, via the API, to get the data of the original image uploaded to the profile?  I need to do a comparison of what is on Jive vs what we have locally and decide if I need to upload the local image.  If there is no match, I upload the local copy.  Right now this results in profiles being flooded with the same image.

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          Hi David,

          You are correct, Jive updates the size and the dimensions of the profile images when saved to allow it to fit in the image area. This change can also be seen If you were to upload the image in the front-end through the user profile settings.


          There is not a way to retrieve the original image but one option that might be worth considering in order to help determine which images have been updated is to look at the published/updated timestamp from the Jive GET API and compare it to the times of when the script was run.


          Unfortunately since the name of the image is not returned there is not an easy way to see which images have been updated.