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    Custom App - Clicking outside application causes app to close



      The "Click to Call" app is a custom developed action type of app that plugs into Jive in various locations. It is available in the Action list on various page types.


      It presents a dialog when selected that contains just a few DOM elements used to start/stop/hold a voice/video call with a contact center agent.


      The issue we are experiencing is most likely common with all plugin apps of this type. Once the dialog appears, if the user clicks the mouse outside of the dialog, then the dialog is closed. For the click to call app, this causes the phone call to hang up.


      We would like to know if it is possible these dialogs to remain up if the user happens to click outside of the dialog on the native Jive page.


      Also, if this is possible, then what mechanism should be used by the user to close the dialog?


      Joe Horvath, joelee