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    Is it possible to change a space to a group?


      We have a space that we created at the very beginning of our community, which now, two years on, we realise we want as a group, with more open permissions. Is there a way to do this somewhat painlessly? If not painlessly, what would be involved in doing it painfully? Creating a new group and transferring over all the content?



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          Hi Jessica,


          Unfortunately there is not "built in" way to make the change that you are looking for.


          But it isn't terribly painful (unless you have a very, very large, very complicated space).


          Assuming you are on cloud you can take advantage of the "Bulk management" feature Jive recently introduced.


          An overview of the process looks like:

          1. Create the new Group (You can create it as "Private" or "Secret" so that you can work behind the scenes if you want to).

          2. Create all of the same categories in the new group that exist in the old group. If you don't have this one-to-one match up then you will have problems when you get to the copy/move stage.

          3. Copy or Move the data from the old space to the new group

          1. Why would you use "Move" - if you can work "in the open" you can simply move the information from the old space to the new group. Categories will automatically be assigned in the new group according to the organization in the old space. The nice thing about using "Move" is the content "disappears" from the old space as you move it. When the content is all gone - you are done.
          2. Why would you use "Copy" - Two reasons - you need to set up the new space without everybody breathing over your shoulder and/or you want to do some serious reorganization before you open the new group for you. In this case you copy everything across. Now you reorganize, add/drop categories, tag, whatever.

          4. Finally - change your landing or activity page on the old space to a road sign that points to the new group and change the new group to the correct security settings.

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