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    Reply Marked as Helpful


      Now we're using Jive 8, all members can mark any reply to a discussion (whether it's a question or not) as being helpful (or, indeed, not helpful).


      What are the actions associated with these? Do they just trigger QuestionEvent-ADDED_HELPFUL_ANSWER? If so, what does marking something as not being helpful trigger?


      It seems to me that this action -- marking a discussion reply as helpful, rather than an answer to a question -- is likely to have a unique trigger, probably with "ThreadEvent" involved somewhere.


      I'm a bit concerned that we're not tracking this in our metrics, and it's getting a lot of use! I'd also like to start incorporating it into badges and gamification, too.


      Any assistance on clarifying this action would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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          Any thoughts on this from Jive Support or anyone else?


          I've been looking at the User actions in the gamification console, and I don't see any indication that a trigger is firing when a discussion reply is marked as helpful, so I don't know how to track it or find out if it's being measured in our metrics. Similarly, it doesn't appear in the inbox.


          However, people are receiving emails notifying them when a discussion reply has been marked as helpful (and clearly identifying the discussion as such) so something must be happening that's unique to this action.


          Any help would be very welcome!