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    Informal community meet-up

    lmariani Novice

      Would anyone be interested in a quick meet-up to share our community designs and layouts in an effort to provide some informal feedback and ideas on enhancements and improvements. We can take this opportunity to share some ideas and best practices that we've discovered in creating overview pages vs activity pages, spaces vs groups, demystifying permissions, etc. Not looking for a structured session or list of activities, but to really sit down in an open setting and get the best of what our peers have to offer.


      My name is Luigi Mariani and I am a co-community manager with Saranya Yogarajah at a company called Blueprint. We use Jive-X in the cloud and our community users are clients of ours, using our software, and are direct competitors. So you can imagine we have an interesting time keeping things generic enough so that everyone can benefit without giving away the farm (so to speak).


      Take a look at our profiles and let us know via reply if this is something you'd be interested in, and maybe we can use the lounge during some free time or an empty room to facilitate some great discussion and idea sharing.


      Hope to hear from you soon!