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    Best practice: How to split a space?


      Hi all,

      currently we see a lot of traffic in a space and we'd like to split it in two. Creating a new space is easy. But now, by moving manually threads to a new space those threads will have a new last activity and will move to the top in the recent content widget. We'd like to prevent this.


      What is your best practice for splitting a space? Can we ask Jive-support to move threads without the pitfall mentioned above?


      Best regards


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          Billy Volpone

          Great question Jürgen. I've seen this happen countless times, but without a configuration, I don't know if the timeline can be reset. Libby Taylor, have you dealt with this during any new group/space creation over the years?

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              Libby Taylor

              Whenever we move anything it resets the date, I believe. I'm not sure if different content types behave differently, for example, blogs might keep their correct date timeline because that's part of the URL. However discussions will be marked as the latest activity happening on the day it was moved which can confuse people.


              I suppose I'd suggest just moving the content with the knowledge that new content and new comments on those older discussions will start to re-establish a more real timeline on your recent activity over the course of a month or two.

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