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    SEO Blog Comparisons


      Hi everyone!


      I'm still recovering from Jive World It was an amazing time.


      I've got a question around SEO comparisons, specifically regarding blogs. Currently we're hosting our blogs on Wordpress (recent move from our .com as Google treats WP blogs better). How does SEO compare between Wordpress and Jive? Which would Google consider to be the better of the two (taking into consideration that our blogs don't get much interaction right now)?


      Thoughts, ideas? I would love to turn our blog strategy into something more akin to Jive's: thought-leadership material on WP, how-to and community-based blogs live on community, or even better, put ALL blogs on the community (and make it public).

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          I have the same question and I'd love to hear from other community managers who have actually transferred a blog from another platform (a CMS or Wordpress etc) to Jive. We are thinking of doing the same thing and would love to find some examples of current company blogs that are hosted on Jive (but I'm thinking in the content type document? vs. the blog content type?)


          Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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              I know from their JiveWorld presentation (can link once they become available) that Hitachi has moved their blog to their community. Maybe Jill Ross or Michelle Groff Burling would have their traffic results to share?

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                  Jill Ross

                  Hi Brett and Krista,


                  I will reach out to our web team and see if we can dig up some metrics around this. My discoveries up until this point have been anecdotal -- I search a term here and there and see what comes up first -- .com or HDS Community.


                  We first transferred our CTO Hu Yoshida's blog from .com to HDS Community, but we still published in both places. I'm sure this would make an SEO person cringe, but we needed the ramp time to improve the performance of the community-hosted blogs over time. Eventually we stopped publishing the blogs on .com altogether, and now we link directly to "Hu's Place," from the .com navigation.


                  "Hu's Place" is a space containing all of Hu's blogs. In retrospect, I probably wouldn't have gone the space route and would have created a system blog, or had him publish to a personal blog, but we needed a bit more visual appeal to make the case to move it over. If we had access to the new blog format coming on Jive-x at that time, it might not have been an issue. But all of this has happened on our current Jive 7 hosted instance.


                  When migrating all of his blogs over, we did go through the whole debate over the date posted, since you can't apply a past date to a blog. We decided to go with the blog format, but only went back one year, and moved them over in the date they were posted (manual process), even though they were all posted over the course of a few business days. Once the initial move was completed, we started a normal publishing cadence.


                  The comms team in charge of Hu's blog program continued to point to the .com version at first when promoting on social media, but eventually those links started going to the community version and traffic really started to lift.


                  As far as the rest of the blogs were concerned, we followed the same process of posting one year back in the blog format, then created archive Documents for anything older than that (copied and pasted all blogs into a single document for the year). This just ensured that the content was there in the system for SEO purposes.


                  An interesting story worth noting is the publishing process for an executive that has evolved over time. I used to get a Word document from the comms team with the final version of the blog, then I would ghost blog for Hu using his credentials. It was a lot of back and forth and took a lot of time for multiple parties. But as of January 2016, I could no longer do that because we implemented SSO. So the only option I could give Hu was to post his own blogs. He has now taken over that process, and I'm just there as backup when he needs it. The result? He's engaging in real time with responses to his blogs and commenting in other areas of the community, and the team has saved some time. Cost savings + increased engagement = WIN!

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                Libby Taylor

                Hey all, we have a Jive SEO expert here in the JC, let's see if she can shed some light on the subject... Anne Bluntschli!

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                    Billy Volpone

                    Can't wait to hear Anne's take as well Libby... but I can also say that I've personally seen a lot of our Jive-x users move their blogs to the community. Some keep a more formal "corporate" blog separate, which is mainly just one-way, while others pull all blogs into the central network (I'm a fan of the latter). The SEO is part one, and how that builds over time once moved, especially with the indexing of the new sub-domain. However, long term, the socialization of the blogs itself and how much more visible they will become with being far more centralized and searchable. Not to mention that then end users can blog as well and expand out how many links are created in the community for indexing. 

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                        This is absolutely one of the reasons I would love to get our blogs moved to the community. Currently we have little to zero interaction on them and it feels like a one way street. I know that by moving them over, we would get a LOT more interaction. As we just moved them to WordPress, I've gotten some push back since it would be a pain to move them again...but if I can prove the benefits of moving it over (SEO, interaction, etc...) then I might be able to sway the leadership.

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                            Billy Volpone

                            I know it's not specifically blogs (as a content type) Brett, but I remember Todd Moran saying at a user groups before that when he was at Schneider, ideation was outside of the community. Once they decided to pull them in, even though they owned a separate tool, idea creation/engagement went up 300% (correct me if I'm remember the numbers wrong Todd). In the end though, it's always about the centralization, at least much of it is. And we always need to put the user's experience first. No matter what tools have been purchased or deployed to date... if users aren't discovering or engaging, or find the process too siloed, you've lost them for that use case. Considering with blogs and ideas there is huge upside specific to advocacy and product enhancement, respectfully, there should be a lot of things we can prove out ROI wise (not even counting SEO... which could be a bonus) once that all lives in the community.

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                        Toby Metcalf

                        Good day all,

                        We have been posting them into Blogs within Jive only and promoting them via twitter - results have been great, but I am always looking to learn and improve my process.



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                          Hi Brett Carpenter and everyone else! So sorry for joining the conservation a little late. I was hoping to create a feature-by-feature comparison between WordPress blogs and Jive blogs, but my knowledge of WP is so outdated that it ended up being very challenging.


                          SEO Compatibility

                          Overall, Jive blogs rank very well in Google and, since blogs often get a lot of traffic, they help to boost the community ranking as well. Some blog highlights include:


                          • Titles & descriptions are auto-generated
                          • URL whitelisting allows you to explicitly remove the "rel=nofollow" for an unlimited number of domains
                          • Tags are indexed as part of the page body & we've seen this boost ranking when the tags are aligned with the body content
                          • "Recent posts" and incoming links" are cached and indexed by Google, which easily generates excellent rich cross-linking with other blogs and non-blog community content
                          • Jive blogs are mobile friendly


                          But besides SEO, there are a number of other factors that you might want to also consider:


                          User Experience

                          Blog readers: Since Jive blogs have a similar look and feel as other parts of a Jive community, there is a less jarring user experience. There is also no need to be "bouncing" around different sites.

                          Blog creators: Since Jive blogs are already integrated into the Jive Community, the content creation process  utilizes the same RTE functionality.



                          You have the ability to “theme” blogs by using the same images that might uses in other content sections.


                          Feature Consistency

                          Features, such as the ability to "mark as helpful," are consistent with other community content.


                          User Analytics & Sentiment

                          There are a significant number of metrics advantages when it comes to blogs since they utilize the already powerful analytics and sentiment features in Jive. Udit Shah is our analytics expert and he can share more. 


                          Anti SPAM Features

                          There are easy-to-use anti-spam settings built into the admin console.


                          Hope this helped!



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                            I love that this thread was started because I this very topic had consumed me for months back when I was managing content marketing strategy at SolarWinds. Leadership really wanted me to move our corporate blog from the community to WordPress and I had to justify why it made sense to stay put.

                            Thank you Brett Carpenter Jill Ross for getting the convo started and Anne Bluntschli for listing out all of the benefits for hosting blogs on Jive platforms.


                            Some other features that are especially relevant to content marketers:

                            1. Ability to add custom pixel to the HTML for tracking/retargeting purposes:
                              • This is important when you start PAYING to drive traffic to your community's blog posts. Any marketer who forks over cash to drive traffic to your community blog post will want to know what role it played in the buyers journey.
                            2. Ability to format/modify the right hand rail (i.e. the real estate outside of the body text on the blog page)
                              • Content marketers know that if you include  hyperlinks to product/web pages on highly trafficked blog posts, it increases the authority of those pages in organic search. They also want to display CTAs (Call to Actions) and other "ads" on the page without having to embed them in the body text (where people may not read the whole thing) or list them out at the bottom of the page (again, where people may not read).
                                • This admittedly was an area I couldn't fight back on. Beyond some SERIOUS customizations, I didn't have many options or alternatives to format the blog post page (outside of the body text); whereas in Wordpress, you could do practically anything.
                              • I know this feels a bit "icky" when with think of community being a platform for organic collaboration and value exchange. However, if there are community managers out there who want extra support/money to increase awareness of the community (beyond what your organic search traffic can provide), then you have to start thinking about what that blog post gets you in return. Driving clicks to product pages and gated assets are how you get attention from other marketing groups.
                            3. I also recall my SEO team stating that canonical tagging functionality was very necessary (which I can't recall whether this was possible in Jive). I think it required a customization...


                            I recall having several conversations with Scott K Wilder from Marketo on this topic back then as well. Wondering where they landed.

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                                My turn to jump in (late).

                                We launched our JiveX just for customers / partners last May. At the time, we were trying to decide if we move our blogs from our corporate site (built in Silver Stripe) to JiveX. We decided not to for several reasons:

                                - The obvious one was that our community is still closed

                                - We didn't want to impact all the good Google Juice we have today (and will have in the future) from the blogs on our corporate site

                                - We decided to focus on having almost all new blogs on JiveX

                                We also went down the path of looking at how much traffic companies get from an open community vs. a closed community. While few people provided numbers, they did indicate that having blogs on their open community did have a very positive impact on SEO. Not a big surprise.


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                                  Hi Emilie Kopp, Great followup post and details - Thank you !!!


                                  Many blog canonical tags are getting improved in the next cloud release. Jive blogs currently rank well yet will rank even better  


                                  Thanks again,



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                                  Matt Laurenceau

                                  SEO on our external community is very big (and it helps SEO authority of our whole bmc.com domain).

                                  We're very happy with blogging on the Community, it enables experts to share knowledge and experiences in a proactive manner, in a very authentic fashion (thus fostering engagement from others) 

                                  Our Corporate Blogs run on WordPress, and this platform performs great for this very purpose: awareness for prospects (not engagement from customers), enjoying SEO focus (all the way to a very simple URL grammar). For example, WordPress easily allows an Editor to post blog articles as if it was another person, or to change the date, or even content without notifying users (it doesn't focus on authenticity)

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                                    Interesting question as to SEO you say how does it differ (if I understand you right) between WordPress and a Jive blog. I think you are asking if WordPress or Jive does better intrinsically. I'm not sure that's the right question. What are your goals? Do you want to drive traffic to Jive, to your WordPress blog, or to your web site?


                                    As to which is seen as more relevant to Google may probably (sorry for the weasel words) be the site with the most traffic, and the most links pointing to it from high quality sites elsewhere on the net.


                                    Placing your WordPress blog on your web site, is in my view, the best way to get your web site credit for the traffic to your blog. As the WordPress blogs shares the same Universal Resource Locator (URL) - your web address -  as your web site.


                                    If you want to drive traffic to Jive, place your blog there. But again, I think you may be mistaking SEO for promotion of your blog. When you publish a blog post, promote it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites. Promotion will garner traffic. To rely on the so called 'organic' clicks your blog attracts may not provide you the traffic you're looking for. Those clicks come from web searches and those searches are only successful if your post is pertinent, popular and contains pertinent keywords - that's SEO really.


                                    I do hope I read your question correctly. Feel free to contact me back channel via WebContentRx.biz. And please do not think I am insulting or talking down Jive or its blogging platform. I am not doing that. As in all things social, the place to start is the outcome you seek; next you develop, including analytics, a plan to return those results. Then modify the plan as necessary.


                                    Wayne English


                                    Web Content Rx, LLC

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                                      For anyone still following this discussion, there were a lot of changes/improvements to SEO functionality in the latest Jive 2016.2 release. For everyone's reference:

                                      SEO - 2016.2 Deep Dive

                                      (viewable by customers only, for the time being)

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