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    How can I send an announcement to all of my followers?


      If I have a large number of followers, is there a way to send an announcement to my followers?

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          Hi, Tracy. You will need to use Labels to set up a distribution list. If you go to your profile and click on More and select Connections, on the left click +Create Label (I have created Example Label, below). Then, if you want to create a list of Followers, select the Followers menu on the left (you could also create one for those you are Following).

          Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.10.04 AM.png



          To add the label to a person, click on the little person icon beside their name (Details view is faster for this), and the label you want to apply:

          Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.10.57 AM.png


          Then, you can go to your Inbox and click send message, or just use the Message option from the Create (pencil) menu, and you will be able to enter the name of your label and it will send to everyone in the list. Using labels allows you to always have the list ready so you don't have to click each follower every time you want to send a message.


          Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.11.47 AM.png

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            Very helpful! One question I get asked a lot is how can people send/ share something in Jive with a distribution list they would normally use via email.

            Do you have any tips on how to achieve this?

            Some of our distribution lists are around 60 people (being large for us) while others are smaller (15-30 ppl) but they are cross-functional. And my staff love to use! If I can't recreate a simple way in Jive they will continue to send info and attachments via email. 

            One approach I may need to replicate is to create groups for these mailing lists- since part of our use case is knowledge base and internal comms. It seems logical that if there is a mailing list established there is a need to share info so it might be necessary to create groups or communities of practice for them. Just wondering your thoughts!

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                Hi, Mia. The best way I have found is to create a list in Excel and then copy it in to the address blank to invite or message people. Since email addresses must be separated by a comma in order for Jive to read them, using Excel allows you to add the comma to each address quickly.


                Enter all email addresses into an Excel spreadsheet, and then create a blank column next to the email address column, and put in this formula, and then drag down column: =A1&","  (Note that in this example, A1 is the cell with the email address, so if your email addresses start in cell C2, you would use the formula =C2&",")


                Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.34.45 PM.png


                Then you just need to grab the little green box in the bottom right corner of cell B1 and drag it down your row for the commas to be added to every address. Don't click anything else just yet! With the entire row still highlighted, click Control + C (or Command + C on a Mac), to copy it and then paste the list into the invitation line or address line in a message. I hope this is what you are looking for.