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    Jiveworld 2017 - Learning "Unconference"

    awooler Novice

      I hope you all made it safely back from Las Vegas! (I have just got home after a lengthy delay!).


      As some will have seen in Twitter, I am pleased to confirm we have sponsorship for the concept of a Learning focussed "unconference" to take place alongside the pre-conference sessions at the next Jiveworld event.

      Huge thanks to Stephane of Pokeshot///SMZ for quickly agreeing to get involved in this!


      For those who were not at this years event, it became clear that there are a lot more of us now who have a learning interest in Jive but for whom the main conference didn't have much to offer - so I thought let's make this happen ourselves!

      We can use this community to crowdsource the agenda a little nearer the time - Keeley Sorokti & I will work on a framework for this over the coming months.


      In then interim, I will seek out the Jivers who are working on some integrations that were quietly announced this week as being worked on including Cornerstone on Demand, Success Factors and Taleo. Importantly, I want to establish what use cases they have and for us to influence those. I will start a separate thread on that topic so you can all add your own use cases and let's see if they are being met!


      I hope this initiative will see a few more of this community attending the next Jiveworld event - look forward to seeing you all there!