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    New Member Welcome Program: Include, or Not to Include, an Introduction Thread


      Since I've been a community manager, it's always been recommended that you have an introduction thread somewhere in the community and encourage new users to post there as a place to begin engaging and for us to help new members make connections. However, recently, I've started hearing conflicting recommendations/best practices on guiding new users to an introduction type discussion thread in a new member program - that it's the wrong thing to do. So I've been thinking on whether I agree whether it's the wrong thing to do... and then, if the introduction thread actually helps drive new members to engage/participate faster. I think having community evergreen discussion threads that outside of the core use cases are important to bring people together out of "place" silos, but what is the best approach.


      I'm currently building out the new member welcome program for my new community and I'm considering the best introduction or "introduction" type thread to include and wanted to hear others' thoughts.


      • Have you measured whether an introduction thread helps increase member participation and/or contribution? Other benefits?
      • Do you include an introduction thread in your new member welcome program? If not, do you include any discussion threads in the program and if so, what do you ask and has it worked well?
      • Do you think it's bad that we ask a member to introduce themselves immediately when they join the community? Is completing their profile enough of an introduction to help us connect and understand the who the user is, etc.?


      Would love to hear your thoughts and what you do in your community...