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    Why Trending contents API endpoint\function is not matching Documentation?


      Hi everyone!


      I hope Ryan Rutan can help with some questions here.


      I'm having serious problem in development right now. For some functionality part I need to use OSAPI method




      According to Documentation (Jive JavaScript API v3.14 → osapi.jive.corev3.contents class )  it should retrieve a list of Content object.


      But it retrieves it without some fields like next:



      Content of this content object.


      Internal Jive ID associated with the content.


      It even ignores fields filter where I specify content, contentID.



      Also if I specify ?filter=type(discussion) or ?filter=type(document) it retrieves no results. While when I do /api/core/v3/contents/trending it retrieves me 25 results and there are some documents and discussions there.

      Moreower if I specify ?count=100 it still retrieves 25. Maybe there are obly 25 trending elements though, it's just a thought.


      1. Why then they are not filtered if i try to filter them specifying a type?


      2.Is it true that both for OSAPI and REST API back-end Java methods for fetching trending\popular\recommended data are the same? do they have the similar algorithm to consider content trending?


      3. For now it looks to me that this endpoint is not working according to documentation. Am I doing something wrong?