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    JSON parameters are not working in forms application


      Hello Support,


      I am trying to setup and test the forms application. I've created the categories and templates and they are working fine.

      What I want to do is to redirect a page (as described in Forms App:  Linking to a Specific Template or Place ) to the forms application using JSON and select automatically the category and template. However, I am not able to make this work as nothing happens when I try it. See below:


      I use these link arguments:  {"category”:"Rhapsody","template”:"Troubleshooting”}

      and I get redirected to the forms app but without the expected results.

      Internal Jive community.png

      On the other hand, using my account here in your site I am able to make the forms app work.

      I use these link arguments {"category":"My Templates","template":"ABC Template”} I am able to see to forms app with the selected category and template.

      Jive community.png

      In both cases I used the same browser and as far as I know this functionality is working from Jive community 4~5 and later.


      Below you've got information about the version.

      Internal Jive version.png

      I hope you may guide me on how to resolve this problem.

      Thank you in advance.