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    Mass communication email to a group




      Any suggestion how I can send a mass communication email to a group on regular basis?  The current option to email a group is very basic, doesn’t allow text editor (add URL’s, HTML, images, Font size/color).


      Thank you,

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          Hi Lester,

          You might consider creating an announcement in a place which would allow you to Send Inbox notifications. Another option would be to create a thread in a place that they are members of, or create a thread with specific people:

          Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.36.50 PM.png


          I should mention that external sites have user containers disabled by default therefore you would not have the option to create it with specific people. However this option is configurable, if you or your Community Manager agree to the change, the system property to allow it are the following I've provided. The one specific to threads is jive.usercontainer.thread.enabled = true








          For this and other system properties, please see Undocumented Jive System Properties


          Hope this helps.

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            John, I will look the suggested communication options. Thank you!