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    Adding product online Help files.


      We would like to add our products online Help files to our external community, and would like them to still have functionality (be able to click on links to take users to another area of Help, etc.). The Help files are created in RoboHelp, and our standard is Microsoft HTML Help, which creates the .chm file that is built into the software. We can also create the Help file in Adobe AIR.


      Does anyone have any experience with adding product Help files to Jive, and those Help files still keeping the active links, etc. once uploaded?


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          Hi Tiffany,


          Thanks for raising this question about integrating your online help with Jive.  At the moment, this option isn't available out of the box and will likely require some customization to integrate and retain navigational functionalities.  If you're developing an integration yourself, I would recommend posting to the Jive Developers space for ideas and guidance from the development community.  Otherwise, you might look into an engagement with Jive Professional Services (PS).


          I hope this helps. Let me know if you had any other questions or if you'd like to be put in touch with our PS team.



          Jeph Yang

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            Hi Tiffany,

            You can publish help and documentation from a myriad of techcomm authoring tools and formats (to include DITA, Madcap Flare, Screensteps, Robohelp etc.) into Jive using the Zoomin for Jive product (http://www.zoominsoftware.com/products/zoomin-jive/ ). I've emailed you in private with additional details.