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    How are tiles responsive in mobile devices? The Jive apps don't display the tiles.

    Stephanie Standring

      I am trying to understand a feature of tiles that I read in a few places (recent blog, and documentation), regarding how tiles are response and can be viewed on mobile devices. In my experience testing on an iPad, iPhone, and android phone, I have not been able to pull up tiles on either Jive's mobile apps (Jive Daily, or Jive v3 app). It will only display the Activity stream.


      Am I misunderstanding something? Are tiles only able to be displayed on a browser (safari for iOS, and chrome for android) on the mobile device? What would the benefit be of using the mobile browser vs the mobile apps that Jive came out with?


      We are trying to encourage our community owners to move to tiles, and this was one feature/benefit that I couldn't really understand. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!