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    Suggestions for Finance internal community uses cases


      Hell ,



      As  recent Jive customer having deployed a new internal community within our IT ecosystem   We're seeking to enroll our internal Finance community into our Jive platform , Altough we are in the automobile industry as a company we trying to diversify and target our use of Jive  for different business groups and units , one of these are Finance controllers within our organisation

      currently deploying social group for document sharing and discussion around the day to day work , we would like to have insights from this newly Finance community  possibilities to expand their use the platform to generate more measurable improvement on day to day delivery and overall efficiency for this community business process


      For instance , a Provider portal  has been put forwarded by Consultants  however our community is strictly internal


      What you suggest in addition to that , feel free to extend the discussion about the different Finance oriented uses cases  that Finance professionals would be more engaged to integrate and chime in ,


      Thanks in advance for your input