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    Ask me anything campaign - looking for feedback/suggestions

    Stephanie Standring

      We are going to be trying out an Ask me anything with one of our VP's in a few weeks before we start suggesting to our executives. We are going to hold it over a 4 hour period where users can ask our VP questions related to the specific topic of Knowledge and Collaboration. I wanted to get some feedback/suggestions from what others have done with their Ask me anything Campaign. Any tips?


      I was at the session at JiveWorld 16 about Innovation and Collaboration, so we got some good tips from there, but getting down into the planning I would like to have a little more feedback around:


      Content Type:

      • Did you have a blog where users would post their question to?
      • Or did you have users submit individual questions? Or both?


      Time frame:

      We have users around the globe so we are trying to accommodate as many time zones as possible. We will be holding the Ask me anything for a 4 hour period where users can ask our leader questions with a quick turnaround response.

      • Should we allow questions to be posted prior? Or does that make it too much to respond to?



      • Were there any standards or rules that you set beforehand with users? Are rules even needed, or is it overkill?

      We are trying to promote openness and transparency so I wasn't even sure about having rules, or if they would be needed.



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          Shirlin Hsu did a good job with this in her former role. I'll leave it to her to share the glory and details

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            1. We used discussion posts. The benefits of this include:
              • If people other than your execs end up responding off-topic, the replies can be branched to a new discussion (and then moved, if needed).
              • You can then create an FAQ that links to individual questions and answers.
              • It helps when people are later searching for the content, because each topic is it's own thread.
            2. We created a specific group that housed all the questions, and added content that told people how to participate, etc.
            3. We opened the group up for questions ahead of time. This allowed us to get more questions, and to give the exec some time to have a few responses ready in advance. This helped them feel more prepared and confident. And we didn't get too many questions.
            4. We didn't need rules, but if you are planning to have a specific theme, make sure that is obvious. And have a plan in advance for how you'll respond to questions that are off-theme.
            5. We also created a Survey Monkey quiz that allowed people to post anonymous questions. This helped some employees feel safe about asking difficult questions.
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