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    Mixed mode authentication unfederated user registration loop. Can we not have email verification enabled?


      We're currently testing our mixed mode authentication that will include SAML SSO with Okta and then also offer the Jive registration process for non-federated users. We appear to have all of the settings correct, but are encountering what appears to be two issues:


      1. Email Verification: When I try to register through Jive with email verification, I'm always returning to the duel login entry page where I don't have a username or password yet. When I select the second link in the email to copy and paste my email and token, I'm also automatically returned to the duel login page which is confusing as I can't login.
      2. Registration Moderation: It appears that the registrations are going through because I'm receiving an error message when I try to register with the same email twice, but I'm not receiving any moderation requests to approve accounts. I've checked two accounts with full access and neither have anything for review in the moderation queue.
        • I did finally receive a moderation notification when I disabled email verification.


      Can we not have email verification enabled for mixed mode authentication? We'd ideally like to have this enabled to help reduce spam, but the only non-federated registration scenario that's currently working is:


      • Email Verification: Disabled
      • Moderation: Enabled


      Has anyone experienced this? Am I correct that email verification cannot be enabled with multi mode verification? Does anyone have multi mode authentication with SAML SSO and Jive with email verification enabled? Have I missed a configuration setting?