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    How to identify an online event is success or not.


      Dear friends,


      Recently I'm thinking how to identify an online event in community is success or not.


      I want to discuss with you. Usually when we complete an online event, we will try to get some data like:


      • Page views
      • How many likes
      • How many replies
      • How many bookmarks
      • How many unique users participant
      • etc.


      Is it enough, or you just focus on some key points?


      I can give you one of my event as example:


      ARMv8-M 网上研讨会,提问有奖(奖品升级为RaspberryPI 3 MINI电脑) | ARM Connected Community


      This is one event that encourage people to join our webinar and ask technical question first , try to let people pre-study our webinar materials.


      My result data is:


      Page views: 2837

      Likes: 129

      Replies: 145

      Bookmarks: 0

      And I have set up a link to know how many users will click to register the webinar, now data is under checking.


      I think the page views and replies are the most important points. It can help us know the influence to users.


      That's my opinion.


      Please let me know your idea and we can discuss.


      Thank you

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          We record additional data in Omniture which tracks how many people sign up for the Webex - because it's in Omniture, it's easy to track over time, and compare webinars against each other. We had a dashboard set up that'll show the event organiser which events are most popular this week (views + sign-ups), etc.


          We're also tracking how many people come in from social media posts we do, and whether those result in event attendance, or another metric (like a registration for our site).. so that tells us how well received it is on social networks when we get the word out.


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            On top of Matt's inputs, here are a few other items I would personally consider.


            It could also, depending on what the goal of the event really is, be measured by:

            • How many people got to view the product page: you don't sell the webinar, but use the online event to promote the products,
            • How many people downloaded the slides, if any are present,
            • How many times the associated white papers were either looked, or downloaded (view vs. keep),
            • How many subscription to the newsletter as the goal could be to beef up the lead database... How many unsubscription/removal request will help you know if the event was pertinent for the base it was sent to.
            • How many people registered to the community after landing on the online event
            • New vs Return visits: did people come back to read replies to their comment and others -> are they really keen?
            • How many people attended vs. the number of people who registered. Danni can give you industry and history average.


            The division should give you what they are trying to achieve with the online event.

            Only when you know their goal can you define the metrics to gauge if they have achieved that.


            I think one important value of having it on the community is it's here to stay and content stays available! So, it would be useful to send metrics to the stakeholders not just after the event, but also a month or a quarter afterwards. It's also a good way to make sure they keep thinking about you

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                Hello Alban,


                Long time no see, we miss you very much.


                Thank you very much for your suggestion. Very useful.


                I'm now working with Danni for this event. She does many helps to me.


                PEG team really has put some resources in our cooperation and we are trying to show our value to them.


                Wish you all good and keep communication in Wechat