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    Update on LMS Integrations

    awooler Novice

      I have had a number of discussions now with Jive on LMS integrations - here's what i can share to date:


      Jive are currently actively working on an integration into the "Bridge" LMS - the screenshots I posted elsewhere are from that project.

      In addition, they are exploring both Cornerstone on Demand and Success Factors.


      It has become clear that developing a one size fits all widget is not always that easy as there will be vast differences between LMS's and between implementations of the same LMS. This is particularly true where SSO is involved.
      However, I have shared with them my own thoughts and also, our current use case document which has a wealth of ideas for them. On my call last night, we also had a marketing person present and they are getting the potential for this much more now.


      I am working with them specifically on CSOD with the initial use cases being a) Catalog search b) Upcoming courses c) Transcript display d) Certification status. From my own experience over the last 15 yrs, these seem to be the tasks that make a user want to go to an LMS. The rest of the functions are because they have to! (and we can of course work on those use cases too).
      They now have CSOD web service documentation which they didn't have before and I am trying to get them more formally connected to CSOD on the back of the HDS implementation. One of the things they need from any LMS vendor is access to a sandbox environment on which to develop and support any integrations - and they are happy to pay for this too which signals their intent. For those 4 core use cases, I am hoping we can utilise our own development area for HDS specific needs and develop solutions in such a way that would enable other CSOD users to benefit.


      We also discussed more lightweight LMS use cases where Pokeshot being better marketed could also benefit. (Got to help them out inn return for sponsoring our Unconference next year!)


      I really believe I am starting to get some traction here and would like to thank you all for your input to this which has been extremely helpful!


      Watch this thread for updates as things develop!