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    An easy way to chase profile completion!


      Hi there


      Don't know about you but getting people to complete their profile / avatars / bio's etc is tough and you can't @ mention them all at once to nag them to do it - until now Here's how i'm doing it!


      I use the CMR profile report to list all the people who have registered but haven't completed their avatar and get their username and name. Then i'm using a CONCATENATE formula in excel to combine their username and name into hyperlinks that look like this:


      <a href="/people/username">Name 1</a>

      <a href="/people/username">Name 2</a>

      <a href="/people/username">Name 3</a>

      <a href="/people/username">Name 4</a>

      <a href="/people/username">Name 5</a>


      The concatenate formula goes:

      =CONCATENATE("<a href=",CHAR(34),"/people/",[username],CHAR(34),">",[firstname]," ",[surname],"</a>")


      (the char(34)'s are for speech marks)


      I then wrap the whole list in a div that's hidden...


      <div style="display: none;">[hyperlinks here]</div>


      and put the code into a discussion via the HTML button.


      That creates a discussion that @ mentions the hundreds of people in my community that haven't completed their avatar but hides all the @ mentions!


      I then add a message talking about the importance of avatars and how to update theirs at the top and wait for the avatar uptake to increase


      So the total code looks like:


      <body><p>[Nagging here]</p><p></p><div style="display: none;"><a href="/people/username">Name 1</a><a href="/people/username">Name 2</a><a href="/people/username">Name 3</a><a href="/people/username">Name 4</a><a href="/people/username">Name 5</a></div></body>


      Of course you can use any field / groups of people from the CMR here like profile image, bio etc.


      Hopefully that helps you CM's!


      Michelle Gantt Dina Vekaria-Patel